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Investor, Coach, Organisational Growth Consultant & Pathfinder

“I believe everyone is Brilliant at something, and I love working with Organisations
Teams and People to help them become aware of, and then liberate that Brilliance: turning their Capabilities into Assets, and growing those Assets into Wealth – for them, their workplace, their families and society.”

Harry has spent his career working with organisations who are already at the leading edge of their industries, in industries that are also at the leading edge: Helping them understand and build a nurturing culture based on alignment and collaboration – with focussed growth on capabilities and income; that delivers game-changing commercial results.

He does this by supporting people in driving Innovation from Vision & Design to successful Implementation: creating generative value and wealth along the way.

Harry has had the pleasure of working with some of the best and largest Global organisations, Mid-tier firms and Educational Institutions. He has had the honour of working with and supporting in a small way: people as they grow and change their lives; business owners as they realise life-changing amounts of wealth; SME’s as they grow to become AIM listed businesses; and mid-tier & large firms as they increase their Valuation.


View of the world

“I have learnt that it is only people that can create value and wealth in our world. Money and Things may be called Assets but they only generate Wealth when acted upon by People and their Insight, Efforts, Relationships, Leadership, and Intent.
In our Short Term, Commercially focussed society these Non-tangible, Cultural, or Subtle Assets ™ are often misunderstood, misused or even ignored – but this is changing: business leaders, in particular, are starting to understand the value of an explicit Focus, Purpose, Culture, Performance and Community to their workers and other stakeholders”.

Harry and his Associates operate from a core set of beliefs and principles:


Let’s Liberate our Brilliance

Everyone is Brilliant at something that adds to the Community – let’s Liberate it.

Generative Approach

We all benefit from taking a Generative approach to life: one that focusses on doing things in a way that can benefit everyone in the community – there is more than enough for everyone.

Purpose and Profit Led

Purpose led organisations can serve us all in our society – they focus on People, Planet, Performance, and Profit.

Income follows Assets

Growth is driven by focussing on crystallising Capabilities into Assets, Income into Equity and Wealth. 

Income is transactional and about money – Today. 

Assets are about investment that generates more income, value, Equity and Wealth – Tomorrow.

There are only two real Assets

Assets are really either things – Tangible Assets: natural resources, Capital or Manufactured Assets; or People: who create things – intangible or Subtle AssetsTM. People create things through Innovation and Adaption.

Most Value and Wealth Drivers in an Organisation are Hidden

Commercial success is measured by money, Cultural success is measured by Happiness. Over half the value and wealth generated is from Subtle AssetsTM – that are not measured at present.

Profits follow People and Performance

People are the only asset that can leverage other assets to create success and grow wealth. Support the People to perform and they will generate income, profit, value and wealth – both Tangible: Money; and Intangible: Happiness.

A Strong Culture Generates Success

Success comes from optimising the Structure, Process, People, and Culture in a System. Providing a Strong, Clear, Nurturing Culture supports the primary Asset – People to perform and produce success.

Life and Work are Journeys

People, Team and Organisations are always on a journey: by looking at where they want to get to, how they want to get there and where are they now; we can support them in getting successfully.


Frames and Methodologies


Design Thinking:

Human-Centered, Process Driven

  • Discover
  • Design
  • Engage
  • Measure
  • Choose / Repeat

Soft Systems Analysis:

  • Relationship-based
  • Neural Network Analysis
  • Communities focused

Complex Adaptive Systems Approach:

  • In the Flow
  • Interdependent
  • Chaotic
  • System of systems

Embedding Knowledge and Capability

  • Transfer knowledge, not information
  • Build Internal capability and assets
  • Create advocates
  • Build relationships
  • Train, Facilitate, Consult, Coach, Mentor as needed

The Generative Network

Over the last ten years, Harry and his associates have formed a ‘Generative Ecosystem’: a group of like-minded people with Class Leading businesses and organisations who can work together to help provide support for other like-minded clients on their journey through to growth.

This network has been designed to provide support for Business and Organisation leaders and their teams

Areas of Support:



The Journey of Self Development and Personal Discovery:

| Noun | Translation: Epignosi
Knowledge, Insight, Awareness
Origin: Greek, meaning knowledge, awareness, and insight.

Whether you are a Shareholder, Partner, or CEO: we are all on a journey. The Epignose programme is designed to support senior executives who have already achieved significant success in their career: take stock and look at what their next phase might entail and what the payback – both Cultural and Commercial, may look like. This programme includes both an Intellectual and experiential aspect as you go through the process of discovering, planning and engaging in the next phase of your Journey.

Generative Leadership and Development System

Our approach is Human Centred – we believe that the prime asset an organisation has is its people.

Leadership and Development is about focusing on the people in an organisation – its Subtle Assets™ and supporting them to grow in order to help the organisation thrive.

Understanding how to focus on Income and Asset growth from a Commercial and Performance viewpoint provides workers with an integrated 360 degree view of the organisation and its environment.

Good leadership and management comes from the person outwards so our focus on leadership is:

  • Self – Personal leadership
  • Team leadership
  • Organisational leadership
  • Societal leadership.

To support clients in this area we have developed a Generative Leadership DashboardTM that allows us to work with our clients to understand their organisation better and so develop a Structured Leadership Programme that allows them to build a Fit for Future organisation.

Innovation Matters Platform

Innovation is the core part of what drives success for us Humans.
The ability to Crystallise the capabilities we have into information and knowledge and wisdom that can be shared – and so leveraged, is critical to all our success.
The Intellectual Property created when this is done becomes an Asset that can be leveraged by many people.
One of the most powerful assets to have is the ability to undertake and capture and leverage a process for effective Innovation.

Innovation Matters has been set up as a platform where People and Organisations can:

  • Gain access to game-changing Intellectual Property (IP) that can produce transformational change in people and organisations.
  • Get support on how to create and protect their own IP.
  • Place their own IP on the platform and if they wish receive payment for the value they have created.

Generative Organisation Dashboard

Business is a system of systems, understanding how these systems operate – Cultural and Commercial, Income and Capabilities allows Leaders to support their organisations undertake Generative change.
Using our Generative Organisational DashboardTM we support our clients in leveraging their Resources – such as Money and Capabilities in order to add value and transform their Subtle and Tangible Assets into Wealth.

Next Gear Consultancy

Supporting your  Journey: 

Harry along with his associates, consult and coach businesses and other organisations on how to adopt and ingrain a human-centred, Generative System for success – covering both the Subtle and Commercial aspects of Leadership, Asset growth, and Wealth creation. 

This system of systems delivering process-driven business transformation helps those who run the organisation develop and run a holistic system for turning Ambition into Assets and increased Wealth. The Next Gear programmes deliver systematic change that delivers next level performance and life changing results for leaders and workers alike.

Generative Principles

Investing in Your Journey:

If you have a business that fit our criteria for dynamic growth and success – both commercially and culturally, or if your organisation is considering spinning out a fast growth business: then we may be able to talk about how we can invest in your business. In the right circumstances we are prepared to put more skin in the game – and share in the benefits of the upside.

Does any of this resonate with you, your team or organisation?

Please, take action now: send over an email, give me a call and let’s have a chat and let’s see how if we can support your organisation as it reaches for its next level of success.


Join the Ecosystem

If being part of a Purpose and Profit led Community sounds of interest and you are in a professional services space please get in contact: we would love to chat, and find out more about you and your Brilliance.